Solar Power

Solar Power

Solar power is energy which comes from the sun and the conversion of sunlight into electricity or solar energy. It is possible to say solar power is the basis for all life on earth and it is directly from the sun. Sun’s degree at the core is over one million Celsius. If we could use the core’s energy we would have enough energy to cover all our needs 10.000 times over. Even the tiny percentage of sun power and light that touches the earth is plenty enough to meet the energy and power needs of the all human population. Sun has produced power for billions of years.

During 5000 years, sun’s power is being used. In ancient times sun power was used to start the fire or dry the clay for buildings etc. During history people built homes carefully and they considered position of the buildings, in the summer time home would be shaded from the sun but in winter it would be heated by the sun. The most important thing is learning how to collect sun’s power efficiently. Sun’s power is completely inexhaustible fuel source and completely free. Sun light and power is provided regardless of whether we use it or not. In 1954 sun power was began to use for the electricity. Today we have the technology to harvest this solar power.

It is a great idea to use sun’s power to provide much needed energy at an affordable price. You can also use solar power in your home because it is very simple. Solar power can be used for heating systems such as heating pool, heating water, central heating for green houses, inside homes etc or for electricity. If you have a reasonable amount of sun in the area that you live just you need a grid tie system on top of your roof to collect solar power. You can also sell power back to electric company if you generate more than you need.

Renewable energy needs are increasing everyday so we will have more items which are solar powered in future. Even today solar power is used for lots of things. Many institutions and businesses are researching new ways to harness solar power and they try to make its use more effective and practical. We should use the solar power to make a clean and pollution free world for us and our children.

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