Solar Water Heating

You can generate hot water for use in showers, baths in your home with solar water heaters. In any climate you can have solar water heating systems and the fuel that they use is free sun light. Solar water heating (solar thermal) panels shouldn’t be confused with solar electric panels which produce electricity from sunlight.

Solar water heating systems are categorized in two different types; first one is the active one which has circulating pumps and controls another one is passive one which doesn’t. Some form of external power is required for operation in active systems. Active ones are also two types; direct circulation systems and indirect circulation systems.

Direct circulation systems work well in climates where it rarely freezes and in this system pumps circulate household water through the collectors and in to the house. Indirect one heats the water then flows into the house and mostly they are popular in climates prone to freezing temperatures. In this system plumps circulate a non freezing fluid through the collectors and the heat exchanger. When we compare the prices of passive and active solar water heating systems passive ones are less expensive than active ones but they are not as efficient as active ones.