Solar Electric Panels

Solar Electric Panels

Solar electric panels mostly produce electricity that can be used for lighting but it can also be used to heat buildings and it has to be tank of water beside.

Solar panels can be classified in two different categories as liquid and air. According to average temperature range over which they are intended to be used each of these two categories also can be sub-classified as low temperature, medium temperature, high temperature collectors.

Solar Panels

What are solar panels?

Solar panels are known as photovoltaic cells or panels as well. Solar panels actively convert sunlight to the electricity with harvesting it. The surface of the solar panel has solar cells which are arranged in grid plan. During the daylight hours these solar cells collect sunlight to convert it into electricity. Solar panels store the energy in batteries for our use and with this usable energy it is possible to meet the everyday needs for modern life. Panels allow you to either provide a hot water supply or generate electricity because there are two types of panels first one is the solar hot water panels and second one is the solar electricity panels.
Just one single panel can produce only a limited amount of power so installations have to contain several panels for enough electricity. Mostly on the roof or in sunny garden areas installation includes several solar panels, batteries, inverter and interconnection wiring for producing energy. The basic element of solar panels is pure silicon. Silicon makes an ideal platform for the transmission of electrons and solar panels are created by combining silicon with some other elements that do have negative or positive charges. Solar panels can be used on different types of buildings in all shapes and sizes because solar panels come in different shapes and sizes.