Solar Energy

What is solar energy?

Solar energy is the power from the sun and its lights up our days and also it heats the earth, us, our homes etc, it grows our food.

Everybody and everything deal with solar energy. Stored solar energy forms fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil. It also means “using the sun’s light and energy to provide electricity, heat, hot water etc for homes or industry”.

Before using sun for generating power we have used it for drying food and clothes for centuries. 150 million km away Sun and also its energy is astonishingly powerful. Solar heat and light are two different categories of energy from the sun. Solar heat energy is used to heat water, air etc for businesses and homes.
Today it is possible to see solar thermal collectors in many sunny areas such as roof of the buildings, gardens without trees etc. It is also possible to convert solar energy into mechanical energy today. The energy from the sun is free and lasts for decades so many people prefer to reduce energy costs with converting free energy from the sun into electrical energy. Solar energy doesn’t require any fuel. If you like to reduce your home energy cost you need to know all about solar energy. Solar energy using is clean and it helps to protect our environment. It never pollutes our air. It works silently and doesn’t smell.

It will be right to say sun’s energy is vital for the earth and it is the future of world’s energy needs. Solar energy is the best investment available today because it guarantees a return on money that you will.